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Hey, everyone remember Josh Caras? I just recently received an email about him. He's featured in an independent film called Bugcrush. If you're interested, please follow the link for more information. He does mention YPI about halfway through the article. I hope some people find this interesting!


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Hey kids!
I was wondering if anyone had YPI photos online from several years ago, i.e. 1999-2002.
I am specifically hoping to find photos of:
-wyatt with his crazy orange mohawk
-myself, pre-dreads
-li'l basil
-li'l nicky bremer
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Hey lovelies!
I just wanted to drop an invitation to anyone who wants to come visit me in Maine over winter break. I was thinking the day after Christmas-ish to before New Years-ish (it's not very concrete, obviously). So far Jessie, Wyatt, and Liz are planning on coming and I would love it if anyone of you guys want to join! You'll be met by much love and...Maine-ness? Just let me know if you think you can make it (I'll love you for life!). My number is 207 967 0139 or just leave me a message here or something. :-)
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Calvin's watching American Beauty downstairs, and I remembered YPI 2003.

"This isn't life. This is just stuff!"

I'd say that was my favorite year. That's not why, but it was a really cool scene .

Happy birthday Wyatt, by the way!
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wow.its been too long,i was semi dissapointed in ypi this year,the new kids didnt realy get the fact that it wasnt the average camp,i didn't like them very much,hopefully theyl understand by next year,i tried to teach them the ways of ypi,but times are changin,at least i think thats what the problem was,if theres anyone who also noticed this or has an opionion on such grounds please e-mail me about it at the address at the end of this entrie or just im me about it at rikudude cuz i've been dieing to figure it out for the longest time.


p.s.i have the ninja song lyrics and tho chords if ne1 wants 'em, my older brother is one of the counslers that sang it back in '03 these are straight from the actual sheet he read from,so i know there right,lol ne ways, im too lazy to post 'em so if you need them just e-mail me for them at evilrobochiken@yahoo.com
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A Sonnet

This is something that I wrote the first week of YPI this year, and I thought that it was worth sharing. It's a sonnet. For those of you that think sonnets are boring...think again. It is the first and only sonnet I have written, in proper rhyme scheme and iambic pentameter.

A sky as fair as any sky can be
with clouds and rockets shining up above
A maiden lived and pined to see the sea
(the eyes need not to fall on one to love)
For, then, this maiden, she lived in the sky
and never traveled down to visit earth
Her father had forbade her down to fly
and locked her in a cloudhold since her birth
Yet, even so, she longed to see the day
to walk among the people who were there
All night, then, she would sit in bed and pray
until one night a prince appeared so fair
And they escaped to life that's more complex
and then he said that he just wanted sex