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wow.its been too long,i was semi dissapointed in ypi this year,the new kids didnt realy get the fact that it wasnt the average camp,i didn't like them very much,hopefully theyl understand by next year,i tried to teach them the ways of ypi,but times are changin,at least i think thats what the problem was,if theres anyone who also noticed this or has an opionion on such grounds please e-mail me about it at the address at the end of this entrie or just im me about it at rikudude cuz i've been dieing to figure it out for the longest time.


p.s.i have the ninja song lyrics and tho chords if ne1 wants 'em, my older brother is one of the counslers that sang it back in '03 these are straight from the actual sheet he read from,so i know there right,lol ne ways, im too lazy to post 'em so if you need them just e-mail me for them at

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